Teachers and Students - Tips to Stay Healthy!

The Well Adjusted Teacher
November 6, 2014

By NJ Chiropractors

Today’s classrooms bring high expectations and new challenges for teachers. Unique health and wellness issues not faced before and now, teachers bare additional responsibilities to model healthy behavior for their students. The video below will show you how chiropractic care can help teachers stay well adjusted in the classroom.

Be 4 Warned of Backpack Injuries
October 3, 2014

By NJ Chiropractors + Dr. Jeannine Baer Feinstein

The 4 warning signs of injury caused by backpacks are easy to spot and should be checked weekly, and especially if your child has changed grades, schools or has experienced an increase in schoolwork.

  1. Your child is struggling to take off or put on their backpack
  2. They are leaning forward or to the side while carrying their backpack
  3. Your child is complaining of any back or neck pain
  4. Your child is experiencing numbness or weakness in their arms or legs

If you spot any or all of these warning signs, a change needs to be made. You can follow the ANJC guidelines, outlined in the previous posts (click here). If your child is complaining of back or neck pain, or if they are experiencing numbness or weakness, contacting a health care professional is recommended. Chiropractic Physicians are experts in identifying and treating conditions and injuries associated with the spine and extremities, and injuries or damage associated with heavy backpacks. 

If you would like to read more information about the impact of normal routines and daily activities on the health of your child, click here.