7 Ways to Enhance Your Flu Prevention Strategy

January 15, 2015,  By NJ Chiropractors

With the flu being widespread throughout the country, we’ve compiled 7 easy ways you can upgrade your flu avoidance plan.  (Good news!  You can cross off hiding in the basement until spring.)

1. Wash your hands routinely, especially before eating.  And particularly if you’ve been at the grocery store or other place with large crowds, like the mall.  (Hint– keep hand wipes ‘handy’ in case one of the kids wants a snack at the store or you’re not near a sink.)

2. Get plenty of quality sleep.

3. Maintain your well-balanced diet. If you’ve strayed one day, get back on track the next day.

4. Drink plenty of water. Water is key in keeping mucous membranes (your nose) hydrated and functioning as a barrier– as soon as they get too dry, they lose effectiveness as a line of defense against flu and other viruses.

5. Don’t stress (yes, easier said than done). Stop multitasking for 20 minutes a day. Make a point each day to meditate, pray, read a book, listen to music— whatever works for you.

6. Exercise. First timers, you don’t need to be too vigorous: take a walk, stretch, light weights…just enough to get circulation increasing. Also, if you already exercise regularly, don’t change your current routine. If you are used to something more intense, keep it up.

7. Get a chiropractic adjustment.  It has been proven to improve overall health, immunity and mechanical functioning of your body. Chiropractic Physicians are also experts in sleep habits, healthy eating, and exercise programs, and can help you design a care plan to fit your needs and goals.